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Year’s of experience in transport and logistics services

About Gxpress

Logistics is an incredibly important part of the supply chain management where the team has to plan, implement and manage the efficient and effective flow and storage of goods from one place to another (Point of creation to the point of consumption).

Established in 2016, Gxpress was founded with a motto to “Fulfill the Gap between Organized and Unorganized Logistics”.

Being a people-led, innovation-driven company, we offer reliable and customized solutions for the US, UK, Canada, UAE, and International shippers. We have strong warehousing, fulfillment, drop shipping, relabeling, and return management capabilities at every center across the globe. We are proficient at providing premier solutions in the industry such as API integrations, tracking systems, warehouse management system, and hassle-free order processing.

With a friendly, simple, and streamlined approach, we are committed to taking care of all your shipping needs. We offer a full suite of transportation and logistics services that ideally cater to our customers’ needs irrespective of the nature of their business.

We are dedicated towards fulfilling the increasingly sophisticated needs of the International Trade by offering customized and personalized solutions through our worldwide self and agency network.

Our extensive market information and imagination had enabled us to attain the coveted award of Top 10 Startups in Jaipur by Silicon India in 2019.

And that’s what we have been doing- “Superior Flexible Routing and Shipping Solutions at Economic rates!”

-Praveen Vashistha, Founder

Our Values

While the business world keep changing, there are few principles that we don’t compromise…






Service Excellence


Beyond work

Gxpress Solutions India Pvt. Ltd is classified as an Expeditor. We do not hold and consolidate shipment material. We coordinate the shipment pickup from your facility, and then transport your material to one of the four U.S. TSA Certified processing facilities. Once your material arrives at our facility, we process same-day, for next day departure. We have developed Work-Share partnerships with U.S. and International Postal Authorities and Agents, to assist with last mile delivery.

Trusted Partner

Our value proposition is based on the assurance we give to our customers in managing all aspects of their business needs. When customers choose us, they have the confidence of knowing they are associated with a trusted partner with a proven competency in logistics domain.

Flexible Solutions

Today’s business scenario requires logistics solutions that are both versatile and flexible, and produce the efficiency and cost benefits that satisfy the customers of all class. Keeping this in mind, we offer solutions to our Customers that are both efficient and economical.

Personalized Service

Exceeding the expectation of our customers is the benchmark of our success.It begins by offering personalized service to our customers, by listening and understanding the changing requirements of their supply chain, and consistently delivering solutions that drive positive bottom-line results.

Domain Expertize

Domestic or International, our experienced management team and dedicated staff of professionals knows how to get it done at maximum efficiency. Our team has two decades of logistics and supply chain expertise, giving our customer peace of mind at all times.

Logistics solutions

We provide the best solution for you

  • Warehouse solutions

    Gxpress provide a wide variety of tech-based storage solutions, all completely customized to meet the unique needs of your company. It facilitates the reduction on manual labour and speed up processes while minimizing error.

  • Transportation and Distribution

    Transport and distribution are two of the most crucial components of shipping and delivering goods and products. Gxpress strives to connect sourcing locations with customers at the affordable transportation cost

  • Order Management

    Gxpress offers order management it is a system software that fully automates the management of orders. You can simply access all of this information from anywhere at any time by managing your inventory, sales, and customer data in one location.

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