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Gxpress is one of the leading warehousing & logistics company in India we have the capability to manage the 3PL Warehouse services with its real-time operational management and a team of experienced professionals. Any business that wants to grow outside of their current cities can store their goods in one of our secure warehouses in another city and schedule local deliveries there. In order to comply with the Geo-tagging requirements of the eCommerce sites and increase their sales, eCommerce sellers also use our services throughout India.

The process of managing inventory at a warehouse involves keeping track of numbers, keeping an eye on expiration dates, and arranging products according to consumer demand. Additionally, it involves completing orders for shipments, handling the process of receiving and storing material. We strive to enhance and streamline every facet of your storage requirements and warehouse operations, including distribution, inventory control, and management.

At our warehouse, we offer kitting and packaging services that assist lower the costs of packaging and distribution because we have the best equipment and skilled labour. Our extensive list of warehousing activities also includes order management, sourcing and procurement, receiving, quality and quantity checks, unit consolidation, labelling, put-away, inventory control, and distribution. Our professionals create adaptable warehouse and distribution plans that are tailored to your company's needs and then execute, manage, and use them.

We examine every link in your supply chain to identify the best solutions, which not only simplify things but also make them more visible.

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We are consistently focused on delivering excellent services at lucrative prices.

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To satisfy the needs of every class of customers, we provide customized and avant-garde solutions as per their business requirements.

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We assure our customers that even if your cargo is out of sight, it is never out of our mind!

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