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Small parcel

The small parcel delivery sector has undoubtedly advanced significantly. Today's many forms of transportation offer a wide variety of shipping choices to guarantee the prompt and secure delivery of items.

Units placed in discrete boxes with unique delivery labels make up small parcel deliveries (SPDs). Typically, these are smaller items that are delivered by regional postal services. Small package delivery (SPD) using a carrier in partnership: Limit of 200 boxes per shipment. Units packed in individual packaging with labels applied and prepared for delivery to clients make up SPDs.

Gxpress aims to provide a range of costs so you have an option and can benefit from any savings when mailing a small item. You can quickly book your small parcel delivery online using our user-friendly and simple system. We enable you in exporting your order from one location to another, regardless of the size, weight, or destination of your tiny box. You may quickly print your shipping labels and customs documentation by carefully following our step-by-step instructions, and then your shipment will be prepared for delivery to one of our convenient pick-up locations. Our services are specifically created to provide affordable options for mailing tiny packages and boxes over the world. This SPD programme also enables sellers to create shipments, print shipping labels, and refill their inventory quickly and easily.

We makes it simple to ship small items internationally. As part of the booking process, we'll even handle your customs documentation.

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