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Ocean freight

As part of a global network, Gxpress is one of the biggest international freight forwarders. At the core of our services are tailored solutions for your unique maritime freight needs. We efficiently manages all the logistical procedures involved with your international imports and exports by determining the best mode of transportation for you.

We offer you access to a global carrier portfolio, covering key ports, with the best transit times, completely flexible scheduling, and space protection agreements to satisfy your specific shipping demands thanks to our vast and long-standing relationships with shipping lines.

Ocean freight is the most affordable option for people that acquire their stock abroad. Sea freight, on the other hand, requires more time to transport and should be selected when you have enough time. When you need to bring in large quantities of merchandise from abroad, sea freight shipment is frequently the most affordable alternative.

For the industry's most highly adaptable, dependable, and customizable solutions, we offer flexible and integrated ocean freight services. Our strategy begins with having the most trained and committed ocean management team, positioned globally to offer local knowledge in all main trade lanes, supported by our cutting-edge technology platform. Highly regarded and respected by our service providers, preferred status with core carriers, the proper personnel, capacity, and special negotiated pricing in place to successfully execute our customers' needs while offering exceptional customer service.

In addition to managing high volumes of shipments and dealing with urgent shipments, we also offer a wide range of marine freight services that take care of multimodal transport issues. We have a dedicated team that oversees sea freight solutions and a sizable network of international and local carriers, depending on your needs, sea freight allows you the freedom to send full or part-load containers over a longer anticipated time period. Sea freight is the best option for you if cost and security are your top priorities for your international shipment rather than time-sensitive consignments. We provide a full range of logistical services for long distance transport movements through our door-to-door and door-to-port deliveries, always ensuring top-notch handling.

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