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  • February 12, 2021
  • Transport

Importance of automation in warehouses

Let's face it: investing in warehouse automation is costly, complicated, and highly risky. Have you considered the cost of an inefficient warehouse? It may appear to be zero at first, but hidden costs such as stock-outs, low service levels, unhappy customers, and so on could be fatal to your business in the long run.

Depending on your budget and needs, warehouse automation systems offer many possibilities and can help solve business-specific challenges and strengthen your competitive advantage. Investing in warehouse automation is well worth the effort: optimized inventory management, reduced operational costs, and increased employee and customer satisfaction. It is widely believed in the modern world that digitization and artificial intelligence have automated inventory management. The delivery of a product or items to a customer with the least amount of human assistance. A company can eliminate labor-intensive tasks or duties that require repetitive work as part of an automation project. Because of this, many businesses experience high profitability as their expenses are lower. Labor and operational costs were also reduced by automation. the use of resources is improved. Consequently, there is a lower likelihood of human error, increasing efficiency and productivity.

A warehouse where only robots circulate can maximize storage surface because it is not necessary to meet safety standards, particularly in terms of aisle width. Lighting is not required when the warehouse is completely automated, which can result in significant energy savings.

Automating the picking process not only relieves your employees from performing repetitive and tedious tasks but also allows them to concentrate on added value operations, making work more satisfactory. This reduces employee turnover and recruitment costs as well as allows you to capitalize on training and experience. An automated warehouse is also able to handle fluctuations in demand and busy periods such as the holiday season. This avoids the need for temporary workers who must be trained and are sometimes difficult to recruit. On the other hand, when business is slow, the automated system is slowed down and there is no need to lay off people. Companies must become more reactive to satisfy increasingly demanding customers. Customers want products that are always available, and you must be able to deliver them in less time than it takes to say it. The purchasing experience has evolved into a critical differentiator.

Indeed, understanding how to follow customers throughout their purchasing journey and satisfy them at every point of conversion (online, click & collect, or in-store) is critical to success. With automated warehouses, all points of sale are consolidated, order preparation and shipping time is reduced, and the risk of error is virtually eliminated. One of the most cutting-edge types of warehouse automation systems that can raise the caliber of warehouse operations is the use of drones. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also referred to as drones, are sophisticated flying machines that locate cargo, carry out inventory counts, etc. using optical sensors, infrared cameras, barcode scanners, RFID technology, etc. If any item is in the incorrect storage location or the products require restocking, they automatically send alerts. They can access even the deepest corners of a warehouse. One kind of GTP fulfillment technology is an automated storage and retrieval system, which accurately and quickly stores and retrieves goods from predetermined warehouse storage locations. AS/RS enhances safety, boosts productivity, and saves floor space—all of which make it perfect for manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Gxpress provides complete logistics services, from storage to order preparation, as well as transportation and optimized customer return management. You get a logistics partner who has invested in automation to better serve your customers when you work with us. To meet the increasing demands of customers we provide customized solution to each of our customers.

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