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Air freight

Gxpress offers top-notch airfreight services on a global scale thanks to our airfreight network, which consists of a well-balanced setup of gateways in important markets and local operations. Airfreight is a dynamic, demanding, and ever-changing industry that encourages us to be innovative and adaptable as we work to provide you with the best services possible. Global capacity and demand are subject to sudden changes, and we are dedicated to provide consistent, dependable services that uphold the integrity of your supply chain.

Our local offices guarantee prompt and knowledgeable customer assistance. Using our extensive experience, we have developed a variety of sector-specific solutions for the healthcare, automotive, perishables, and fashion industries.

We provide access to an integrated network of air transport options that give you the widest range of air cargo choices – all without having to make multiple calls to find the best rates. Your shipment size and speed requirements are matched to the perfect air carrier, eliminating waste and reducing expenses. If your deadline does not support using a scheduled flight, your shipment can fly via a dedicated air cargo charter service. From the moment you call until after your shipment reaches its final destination, you can trust Gxpress solution to arrange for the delivery of your freight, high quality, and superior customer service – every time.

Gxpress is tasked with making arrangements with all airlines for the transportation of cargo and upholding a delivery schedule of 24 to 48 hours at the time of air cargo delivery. Our team is available around-the-clock and is well-equipped to handle time-sensitive shipments and assure on-time delivery.

A further benefit of having goods delivered by air is that they may be shipped swiftly and urgently to any location in the globe, which is very beneficial for small and mid-sized firms because it enables them to engage in global trade effectively.

Furthermore, because airport security keeps an eye on and regulates all cargo coming into and going out of the country, air freight offers the highest level of security.

At Gxpress, we give you a whole package based on an accurate study of your needs. Before the process, all costs are estimated and provided at the most competitive prices. Our team of air freight professionals provides custom solutions to address your business difficulties, whether your shipments travel in the cabins of commercial aircraft or need specialized freighter planes to transport them.

Cost-effective and Quality Services

We are consistently focused on delivering excellent services at lucrative prices.

Customized and Innovative Solutions

To satisfy the needs of every class of customers, we provide customized and avant-garde solutions as per their business requirements.

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We assure our customers that even if your cargo is out of sight, it is never out of our mind!

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Our dedicated team will support you at every step of the journey from the first-mile pick up to last-mile delivery.

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